Weingarten Rights

Under the Supreme Court's Weingarten decision, when an investigatory interview occurs, these rules apply.  Employees may request union representation before or during the interview.  If the employer denies the request for union representation, and questions the employee, it commits an unfair labor practice and the employee may refuse to answer questions.

If called to a meeting with management, postal inspectors, or an OIG agent, read the following before the meeting starts:

"If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union ​representative, officer, or steward be present at this meeting.  Without my Union representation present, I respectfully choose not to answer any questions or participate in this discussion."

Disclaimer:  ​The above recommendation is not legal advice.  If you believe that you may be the subject of a criminal investigation, you should consult an attorney.


Branch 17 Officers

President: Walter Sanko

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Vice-President: Anthony Cognetti

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Rec. Secretary and Treasurer: Lynn Lynott

Cell: (570) 466-5538

Financial Secretary and Collector: ​Matt O'Hora

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Health Benefits Representative: ​Andy Piasecki

Director of Retirees: John M. Saville

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OWCP/COMP. Representative: Andy Piasecki

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Trustee: ​Mary Millan

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Branch 17 Stewards

​Dunmore:  ​N/A

​Main:  ​Lynn Lynott    (570) 466-5538

Main:  Matt O'Hora    (570) 430-5736

​Main (Aux):  Erin Flynn    (570) 650-5895

Taylor:  Tom Hirshler    (570) 815-9097

West Side:  ​Kevin Zielinski   (570) 430-1402

Archbald:  ​N/A

Clark Summit:  Tony Fiore    (570) 780-3790

Olyphant:  Jeff Hinders    (570) 351-7423

Sayre:  ​Patricia Pulford   (607) 259-1619

​Stroudsburg:  ​Andrew Harvey    (908) 268-0321

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Milford:  ​John Margiore    (570) 493-1188

Honesdale:  Jen Sarge    (570) 470-5139

Towanda:  Don Barto   (570) 637-1760

Mt. Pocono:  Bryan Kinsley    (570) 977-3285

Susquehanna:  ​Robert Hilling    (570) 687-3155