NALC Political Fund

The Letter Carrier Political Fund is a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) established for the purpose of electing qualified candidates who support letter carriers and who are committed to maintaining a strong and innovative U.S. Postal Service.

Each year, NALC fights to fend off attacks in Congress that threaten letter carriers’ collective-bargaining rights, retirement benefits and livelihood. We’ve been successful so far, and we want to continue helping to elect House and Senate candidates who will protect us, promote our issues and deliver our message to Washington.

Since union dues can’t be used to support candidates for political office, NALC relies 100 percent on member contributions to the Letter Carrier Political Fund, which in turn helps us support those on Capitol Hill who defend the issues that matter most to us. Our PAC brings together in Washington strong letter carrier advocates—from all political parties—who are dedicated to helping to defend a strong USPS that provides universal, innovative and affordable service.

Federal Retirement Fairness Act

   Many federal employees, including Postal Service employees, begin their federal/postal service in non-career positions before transitioning to career status. These employees, including letter carriers who were employed as casuals, transitional employees (TEs) or city carrier assistants (CCAs), do not receive retirement credit for their time spent in these positions. Because years employed as a non-career employee are not creditable under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), employees who started in non-career positions and transition to career status must work longer to reach the required years of employment to receive full retirement benefits.

   The Federal Retirement Fairness Act would modify what is considered creditable federal civilian service under FERS. It would allow these employees to make catch-up retirement contributions for time spent as non-career employees after Dec. 31, 1988, making such time creditable service under the FERS, and for other purposes. This legislation would allow letter carriers and other affected employees the opportunity to purchase retirement credit for the time they spent in these noncareer positions, providing greater retirement security. 

   NALC supports the Federal Retirement Fairness Act, which would allow certain federal employees to make catch-up retirement contributions for time spent as non-career employees after Dec. 31, 1988, thus making such time creditable service under FERS.